Summer Solstice-June 21st!

A Day of Light!  Celebrate the day of Light! 

The Summer solstice represents the transition from action to nourishment, which is exactly what the Sun gives us during the long nights of summer, both to our actual crops but also to the continual journey we travel from darkness to light. That feeling of summer makes us feel light, hopeful, lighter and energetic.   Summer reminds us that there is hope in the world, that the light within can spread to the far reaches of the globe and inspire others. We can nurture others, just as the Sun nurtures us. Summer becomes a time to work on ourselves and our ability to be the light and find meaning in our journey, even when it seems uncertain. This is the rhythm of nature; new beginnings transition into a period of uncertainty. During this time, it is easy to fall pray to anxiety and worry. Big shifts also cause old energies to surface and darkness can easily take over our mind. Summer is the time to develop faith in our life, squash the darkness with light, and trust that just like the Sun, we will rise each day no matter what life brings us.

The Summer Solstice passed but we still are 7 days away from that magical day..  Let's wish upon this summer season some crops, some productivity, some cleansing and some inspiration.   Fill in the blank,.  In these three months of summer, I want to ______________.   Whatever, wish you the intrinsic motivation and inspiration to get it done. 



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