• Metas para el día bisiesto, 29 de Febrero
    ¿Qué es el año bisiesto?Los años bisiestos ocurren cada cuatro años a menos que caigan en un año centenario que no se puede dividir por cuatro. El próximo año bisiesto Read more
  • Leap Year Resolutions
    What is Leap Year? Leap years occur every four years unless it falls on a century year that cannot be divided by four. The next leap year will be in 2028. Read more
  • Summer Solstice-June 21st!
    A Day of Light!  Celebrate the day of Light!  The Summer solstice represents the transition from action to nourishment, which is exactly what the Sun gives us during the long nights Read more
  • Winter Blues
    Have you heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder?  SAD? ”Depression and anxiety are not unusual feelings during the winter months.  They can be triggered by grief, isolation and loneliness.   For some, Read more
  • How is 2023 going?
    It is January 23rd and according to research only 9% of us are sticking to our goals.  With all of the vision board planning, tracking our habits, printing our budget Read more
  • Finding gratitude in the struggle
    The country raves about the power of gratitude, gratitude meditations, the joy of gratitude and there's a latest trend, gratitude in the struggle.  But why? Anyone would ask why do Read more
  • Self Preservation
    How many times can one go through heartache, disappointment, betrayal, tragedy, unforeseen events and come out unscathed?  How do you remain optimistic?   How do you not curl up in Read more
  • Celebrating our Loved Ones when they have Wings
    Let's face it, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays  and holidays become difficult to celebrate and bear when a loved one has passed away.    The thought of them being gone Read more
  • Facing Our Fears
    When was the last time you tried something that you were really afraid of but went all in?   How did you feel after you gave it your all and Read more
  • Why Birthdays suck sometimes especially during Quarantine
    Tell me if this sounds familiar? For this day on my birthday, want to eat at Don Coqui's ( or other fill in the blank restaurant). I want to go Read more
  • Nuestra Percepciones
    Wow que bella! Que linda, no? Dios pero que inteligencia. Te ha pasado? Y tu no estas de acuerdo o a veces hasta estas sorprendido. Bueno a todos. A veces Read more


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